The SHES consortium consists of five partners from five different countries: France, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Slovenia.


E-Seniors is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2005. It aims at fighting e-exclusion by offering ICT training to seniors (people aged 55 and over). Its main objectives are to bridge the digital gap between generations, to foster seniors’ social participation, and to propose activities encouraging seniors to spend actively their free time. Since its creation, E-Seniors has provided ICT courses for seniors in various public locations and the association is constantly opening new locations all over the Parisian region in order to provide a “proximity” service that takes into account the rhythm, interests and needs of its audience. The organization also aims at raising awareness among seniors about the importance of ICT solutions for their social inclusion and for cognitive training.


Founded in 2001, FyG is a private, high-level training enterprise, pio-neers in cocreation with companies, adults and young people in the training on innovative concepts, business creation, employability basic skills, literacy and numeracy skills, entrepreneurship and soft&hard skills training. FyG acts actively as an education and training company promoting and enhancing the development of adults seeing for new opportunities and helping them to become more employable, facing different factors of exclusion: youngsters and adults with educational difficulties, unemployed with economic or social obstacles.


The University of Thessaly, with 18 Departments and various Research Centers, is a University with its own identity and with a prominent position in the greek national educational system. Its main mission of the University of Thessaly is the promotion of scientific knowledge through research and the contribution to the cultural and economic development of the local community and wider society. It is known for its excellent research performance and outstanding scientific achievements, in accordance with the international standards


I.S.R.A.A. is an Italian public senior care provider based in Treviso. 700 employees (70 nurses, 350 carers, 15 psychologists, 17 physical rehabilitation trainers, 12 GPs, 21 care managers, with total budget/year 30 Ml€. I.S.R.A.A. covers a wide range of the possible needs of seniors: 600 seniors with dementia disease in home care, 850 living in 4 nursing homes, 2 day care centres completely dedicated to seniors suffering from different types and level of dementia. ISRAA also provides 32 flats for autonomous seniors. I.S.R.A.A. has knowledge and experience in assisting seniors to remain independent as much as possible despite of their functional and cognitive limitations, by promoting positive feelings in an age-friendly environment, to improve the seniors’ self-efficacy and to raise their perception of quality of life.


Anton Trstenjak Institute of Gerontology and Intergenerational Relations (IAT), established in 1992, is the most important research and expert institution on ageing in Slovenia. It has experiences and indepth knowledge in ageing research and implementation of projects for quality ageing and good intergenerational relations. Its most important activities are collecting gerontological knowledge and its distribution, the development of social network programme for quality ageing and intergenerational relations, te implementation of various researches and prevention programmes for older people, with a focus on informal care.

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